Get Connected Program

Get Connected Winston-Salem: A new public safety program enabling the people of the City of Winston-Salem to help keep their community safe.

Let's work together to fight crime! The Winston-Salem Police Department is encouraging members of the community to join the fight against violence! Everyone in the community plays an important role in creating a safer environment for community members to live, work, and play in Winston-Salem. Get Connected Winston-Salem allows opportunities for citizens and businesses to have a significant impact in addressing the violence in the city. Community participation will greatly enhance emergency preparedness by enabling police, fire, and public safety professionals to rapidly respond to criminal activity and better assess emergency situations. It will also enable law enforcement personnel to easily gather evidence in case of an incident. Get Connected Winston-Salem is a multi-faceted program to unite the community in the fight against crime by providing various methods for community members to collaborate with WSPD and be proactive in addressing violence.